Cream drinks are a worldwide success, but the production of a really good cream is a trade that not many have mastered. In Middelharnis, Team Products offers innovative strength and in-depth knowledge of the R&D process, both in the field of technique and flavouring. Our laboratories have the technique and the know-how to mix alcohol with cream into a silky tasting blend.
In Middelharnis we also manufacture the traditional Dutch egg liqueur Advocaat, famous for its creamy and rich taste. But the production of the original Advocaat is a delicate craft that only a few specialists have truly mastered. Team Products is one of those experts. Our original advocaat formulation, made from fresh eggs with a subtle taste of brandy and vanilla is a recipe for success and for decades enjoyed all over the world.
In Middelharnis we offer a state-of-the-art production facility which is BRCAA certified. We create your own recipe, deliver it to your production plant but it is also possible to fill your bottles and deliver a complete product ready for distribution. We only use fresh, local diary. Depending on the recipe we can supply kosher and organic products.

Distillery Schiedam


In our ancient distillery at the Buitenhavenweg 98 in Schiedam our parent company De Kuyper Royal Distillers distills & extracts flavours from natural ingredients since 1911.
The finest botanicals such as herbs, spices, peels and fruits are brought to The Netherlands from all over the world via the ports of Rotterdam and Schiedam.
Started with traditional distillates from juniper berry, cardamom and peppermint to more innovative distillates from cucumber, spicy chili & extractions from Cuban coffee, 5 spices and ginger. Only using natural products.
The De Kuyper distillery still features the copper pot stills from 1910. The large floor tanks are used to extract flavours. De Kuyper flavours alcohol according to traditional distillation and extraction methods. The decision to use distillation or extraction depends on the desired flavour and colour of the end product.



Rutte has been an expert in creating and distilling superb juniper-based spirits using exclusively natural ingredients for almost 150 years. They still hand-make their gins and genevers in the same tiny back-room where the founder, Simon Rutte, concocted his first spirits back in 1872.
No added flavours or colourings are used; all of the flavours and colours come from fresh fruits, herbs and nuts, something that is unique in the industry. Rutte has been based in Dordrecht near Rotterdam since its foundation in 1872. Rutte was integrated into the portfolio of De Kuyper Royal Distillers in 2011. Rutte Celery gin and Rutte Old Simon haven been placed as the best Gin and the best Genever in the “Best New Spirit or Cocktail Ingredient” category at the world leading Annual Spirited Award 2016.
From this distillery address, De Kuyper Creative Kitchen brings the innovative flavour Tonka Bean in 38% for the confectionary industry.



Located in a magnificent environment, right in the middle of the countryside, the Biercée Distillery is an unforgettable place to visit. Founded in 1946, the Biercée Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Belgium still in activity. It’s the only Walloon distillery that still distils eaux-de-vie, liqueurs and other fine spirits, in the purest tradition, with fresh non-treated fruit. The ingredients used are still 100% natural only.
It is housed in the unique setting of the Ferme de la Cour, an old outbuilding and law court belonging to the Abbaye de Lobbes, a jewel of Walloon heritage situated on the high plateau of Ragnies, a few kilometres from Thuin, in the south of Hainaut province (Belgium).
Here we macerate and distillate the mandarine peels and oils for the essence of Mandarine Napoléon Culinaire, a unique concentrate of 60% abv., renowned in the confectionary industry in Europe and Asia.



Avandis is one of Europe’s most modern bottling plant of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Team Products uses this bottling plant for all our clear spirits / liqueurs / concentrated liqueurs, since 2001 partly owned by our mother company De Kuyper Royal Distillers.
Avandis is a leading beverage development and production company that has one of Europe’s most modern bottling plants with seven advanced filling lines
Various advanced packaging lines and opportunities for innovative development are guarantees for high-quality products in any type of packaging. With Avandis we offer bottling facilities of high, low and non-alcoholic beverages. The processes are monitored by various external auditors and are certified every year.
Your beverages can be packed in bottles of various shapes and sizes, in stone pitchers, in glass or PET miniatures, in plastic containers, or in drums. For our Creative Kitchen range, we offer special concentrated liqueur and spirit formulation in bulk.