Cream Base 2


Despite the success of creams, only a few producers in the world are capable of creating a really good stable cream base. Due to the extremely complex production process, it is very difficult to mix diary products with alcohol. This makes the production of a cream base a highly specialized craft in which the natural cream fats undergo extensive preparation before blending with the alcohol that is added to the process. The result is a cream base with a rich and soft taste that can be used for the production of cream liqueurs.
We offer our cream base recipes in bulk to food & beverage industry. There are different qualities to choose from, varying from low fat to high fat. Moreover, Team Products also offers an high qualitative vegan cream base which can be directly flavoured for production. The demand and interest in vegan products is increasingly growing and so Team Product’s vegan cream perfectly fits this trend. Our vegan cream can also be manufactured kosher.
We supply in bulk packaging, varying from drums, IBC to full tank containers.
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